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Our Story

Like most family stories, ours began over the dinner table…

During a dinner conversation with my 8-year-old son, he asked me why he had red hair while his mother and I didn’t. This led to a discussion about genetics and eventually to our crested geckos. This got me thinking, with limited authoritative resources available, there is still so much to learn about crested gecko genetics. Thus, BRONA Exotics was born as a research-focused family project to expand the knowledge base of this species.

Combining my expertise as a data analyst with Natasia’s as an expert in clinical nutrition, we founded BRONA with the goal of providing a comprehensive repository of information on crested geckos. Our project is not only based on the research of other experts but also on our own experience with these animals. Inspired by a statement from Bill Strand of Chameleon Academy, we aim to educate the community so they demand better from us as breeders.

We produce high-quality, genetically diverse, and healthy animals to advance the hobby for breeders and hobbyists alike. At BRONA, we strive to answer questions and contribute to the growth of the hobby. So with that idea in mind, we committed ourselves to maintain a higher standard with regard to typical husbandry practices:

  • Utilizing bioactive, naturalistic enclosures for all of our adult and sub-adult geckos
  • Modifying and offering a varied natural diet beyond just CGD
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint by limiting one-time-use materials commonly used by breeders such as paper and plastics. Even this website is hosted on 100% green energy!

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to sharing exciting developments with you in the years to come.

-Brooks, Natasia, and Rory